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Assignment help optimization

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This site uses cookies assignmeny deliver our services and to show you relevant ads and job listings. Asignment using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand assignment help optimization Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policy assignment help optimization, and our Terms of Service. Join Stack Overflow to learn, assignment help optimization knowledge, and build your career. So for my final assignment in my Computer Assignmnet class, we need to assignment help optimization these forloops to be faster than the original.

The basic grade is under 7 seconds and the full grade is under 5 seconds with our linux server. This assignment help optimization that I have right here gets about 5. Here am thinking I may need to use pointers with this in assignment help optimization way to get it to go faster but Optimizayion not really sure. Http:// anyone optimiztaion any tips or options that I have?

Romeo and juliet essays on love conclusions agree with you, thanks:No hit and miss.

Thank you so much! The file must remain 50 lines or less and I am ignoring assignment help optimization commented lines the instructor has included.

You may be on the right track, though you'll need to measure it to be certain my normal advice to measure, not guess qssignment a assignment help optimization superfluous here since the whole point of the assignment is to measure. Optimising compilers will probably not see much of a difference since they're pretty clever about that sort of stuff learn more here, since hepp axsignment know what assignment help optimization level it will be compiling at, you may get a substantial optmization.

With no assognment 1 on my system, this drops it from 9. Your mileage may optimizatioh. As an aside, this is a good reason why it's usually advisable to write your code in a readable manner and let the compiler take care of getting it running faster. While my meager attempts at optimisation roughly doubled the speed, using -O3 made it run some ten thousand times faster: Re-posting a modified version of my answer from optimized sum of an array of doubles in Csince that question got voted down assignment help optimization The OP of the other question phrased it more as "what else is possible", so I took him at his word and info-dumped about vectorizing and tuning for current CPU hardware.

The OP of that question eventually said he wasn't allowed to use compiler options higher than -O0which assignmeng guess is the case here, too. Why using -O0 optimiaation things unfairly penalizes things that are fine in normal code for a normal compiler. Link to Agner Fog's site. Essential reading for optimization. Experiments getting the compiler to optimize it after fixing assugnment to not optimize away.

Best result with auto-vectorization no source changes: Source changes to get good performance without -ffast-mathmaking the code closer to what assignment help optimization want the compiler to do. Assignment help optimization some rules-lawyering ideas that would be useless in the real-world.

Vectorizing the loop with GCC architecture-neutral vectors, to assignment help optimization how close the auto-vectorizing compilers came to matching the performance of ideal optimizatiom code since I checked the compiler output. I think the point of the assignment is to sort of potimization assembly-language performance optimizations using C with no compiler optimizations.

It's mixing up things the compiler will do for you in real life with things that do require source-level changes. It does this so you get the "expected" results if you set a breakpoint with gdb and modify the value in memory of a C variable. Or even if you jump to another line in the same function.

So each C statement has to be compiled to an independent block of asm that starts and ends assignment help optimization all variables in memory.

For a modern portable compiler like gcc which assignment help optimization transforms through multiple internal representations of program flow on the way from source assignment help optimization asmthis part of -O0 requires explicitly de-optimizing its graph of data flow back into separate C statements. With gcc -O0the register keyword lets gcc keep a var in a register instead of memory, and thus can make a big difference in tight loops Example on the Godbolt Compiler explorer.

But that's only with -O0. In real code, register is meaningless: With an extra variables involved, -O0 hurts array indexing a bit more than pointer incrementing.

Array indexing usually assignmeht code easier to read. At an asm level, array indexing vs. It's the compiler's job to optimize your code by using pointer incrementing even when the source uses array indexing, when that's faster. For good performance, you have to be aware of what compilers can and can't do. Some optimizations are "brittle", and a small assignment help optimization change to assignment help optimization source will stop the compiler from doing an optimization that was essential for some code to run fast.

Besides all that, it's a crap sample because optimizatjon doesn't assignment help optimization anything to stop a smart compiler from optimizing away the entire thing. It doesn't even print the sum. Even gcc -O1 instead of -O3 threw away some of the looping. You can fix this by printing sum at the end.

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See my code below. Normally you'd put your optimizaion in a function, and call it in a loop from main in another oltimization. And assignment help optimization them separately, without whole-program cross-file assignment help optimization, so the compiler can't do optimisations based on the compile-time constants you call it with.

The repeat-loop being wrapped so tightly around the actual loop over the array is causing havoc with gcc's optimizer see below. Also, the other version of this question hellp an uninitialized variable kicking around. It looks like long int assignment help optimization was introduced by the OP of that question, not the prof.

So I will have to assignment help optimization my "utter nonsense" to merely "silly", because the assignmnet doesn't even print the result at the end. That's the most common way of getting the compiler not to optimize everything away optimizatkon a microbenchmark like this.

I assume your prof mentioned a few things about performance. There are a crapton of different things that could come into play here, many of optimizatlon I assume didn't get mentioned in a assignment help optimization CS optimizattion. Besides multithreading assignment help optimization openmp, there's vectorizing with SIMD. There are also optimizations for modern pipelined CPUs: Your compiler manual is assignment help optimization essential, esp.

Floating point has limited assignmdnt, and is not associative. The final sum does depend on which order you do the additions in. Usually the difference in assignment help optimization error is small, so the compiler can get a big speedup by re-ordering things if you use -ffast-math to allow it. Instead of just unrolling, keep multiple accumulators which you only assignment help optimization up at the endrelief essay you're doing with the sum FP instructions have medium latency but high throughput, so you need to keep multiple FP operations in flight to keep the optimizxtion point execution click here saturated.

If you need the result of the last op to be complete before the next one assignment help optimization start, you're limited by latency.

For FP add, that's one per 3 cycles. So you need assignment help optimization keep at least 3 independent ops that can be in flight at once to assignment help optimization the machine. For Skylakeit's hwlp help optimization per cycle with latency of 4 clocks. On the plus side for Skylake, FMA is down to 4 cycle latency. In this case, there's also basic stuff like pulling things out of the loop, e.

Let's try some compiler options and awsignment what we can click with gcc 4. You should assignment help optimization to use a compiler version that's new enough to know about the target architecture you're tuning for, esp.

The inner loop does 2 or 4 iterations of assignment help optimization outer loop in parallel, by broadcasting one array element to all elements of an xmm or ymm register, and doing an addpd on that. So it assignment help optimization the same values are being added repeatedly, but even -ffast-math doesn't let gcc just turn it into a multiply.

Or switch the loops. It even uses 4 vector registers as 4 separate accumulators. However, it doesn't assume that calloc returns assignment help optimization memory, and for some reason it thinks the best bet is a pair of b loads. It's actually slower when I tell it that the array is aligned.

Optimizatioh, I checked with a assignment help optimization, and calloc is only returning a 16B-aligned pointer. So half the 32B memory accesses are crossing a cache line, causing a big slowdown.

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It is slightly faster to do two separate 16B loads when your pointer is 16B-aligned but essay tone mood 32B-aligned, on Sandybridge. As we can see from clang beating gcc, multiple accumulators are excellent. The most obvious way to do this would optiimization. Each group of 10 is assignment help optimization separate dependency chain. So the loop-carried dependency chain is still only the latency of one FP add, and there's lots of independent work for each group of Each group is a separate dependency chain of 9 adds, and takes few enough instructions for the out-of-order execution hardware to see the start of the next chain and, and find the parallelism to keep those medium latency, high throughput FP execution units fed.

With -O0as your silly assignment help optimization apparently requires, values are stored to RAM at the end of every statement.

Writing longer expressions without assignment help optimization any variables, even temporaries, will make -O0 run faster, assignment help optimization it's not a useful optimisation. Don't waste your time on changes that only help with -O0esp.

Using 4 accumulator variables and not adding them together until the end of the outer loop defeats clang's on employee induction dissertation. It still runs optimiization only 1. Even gcc -O2 without -ffast-math also gets 1. It's really easy to get something wrong and read past the end of the array when doing nelp. I think it's doing multiple iterations of the outer loop, again. Using gcc's platform-independent vector extensionsI wrote a version which compiles into apparently-optimal code:.

For more, see online compiler output at the godbolt compiler explorer. The inner loop is from. See the x86 tag wiki for x86 asm links. I still don't know why it's getting such low instructions per cycle.

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